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Obey my command (prompt)

I don’t know how this is possible, but you can be programming computers since all they were was a command prompt… and some young whipper-snapper can still surprise you with an awesome productivity trick.

So here’s the story. I picked up a trick years ago whereby if you held the shift-key down and right-clicked inside a folder, you could open a command window that was “ready to use” in that folder. This saved issuing a cd command with some arbitrary path to get you into the folder.

Recently, this menu item has been usurped with an “Open Powershell window here” option. This makes sense as I probably spend more time in Powershell than Command Prompt… except when I’m chugging some Node awesome!

Powershell Window Here

Productivity surprise

So I was taking a look at how I could add the Command Prompt version back in. Then the smart young developer next to me leant over and said:

You know you can just type cmd into the folder address bar right?!

Well, truth be told – I completely did not know that you could do this. I had been using the shift-right-click trick all this time.

So if you have the folder open…

Folder Address Bar

And you type cmd into the folder address bar…

CMD in Folder Address Bar

Then you get a Command Prompt Window in your current folder!

Command Window

Although many of you will probably be thinking “yeah… I know”, there must be others out there who have been using some other way of achieving this and it may help to increase their joy and productivity.

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