Steve Fenton

Installing a usable Paint.Net application

If you have tried Paint.Net, you may have found that it lacks one rather fundamental feature that is often a deal-breaker for using it over other tools. This is a shame as Paint.Net is both excellent – and free!

The thing it is missing is editable text layers. If you grew up with Macromedia Fireworks like I did… you can’t really use a graphics program without this feature. The good news is that Simon Brown has written an extension for that.

So here is the minimal install for Paint.Net…

  1. Install Paint.Net
  2. Download Simon’s ace Paint.Net extensions
  3. Copy the files from the folders in Simon’s zip file into the folder with the same name in Paint.Net

Due to the nature of extensions, you’ll find editable text under “Effects -> Tools -> Editable Text”. If you want to change text, select the layer and open “Effects -> Tools -> Editable Text” again to edit it.

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