Steve Fenton

Shorten your Linq expressions

There is an interesting style of Linq expression that I am seeing a lot in code, including open source projects. It isn’t a big deal, but it damages readability.

It looks like this:

var result = someEnumerable.Where(e => e.IsCondition).FirstOrDefault();

var result = someEnumerable.Where(e => e.IsCondition).SingleOrDefault();

var result = someEnumerable.Where(e => e.IsCondition).Count();

Can you spot it? I call it the Redundant “Where” Anti-Pattern… All of these could be expressed as:

var result = someEnumerable.FirstOrDefault(e => e.IsCondition);

var result = someEnumerable.SingleOrDefault(e => e.IsCondition);

var result = someEnumerable.Count(e => e.IsCondition);

Note how the tractor is pulling one less trailer!

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