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The relative cost of Octopus Deploy

Exploring Octopus DeployOne of the best things about Octopus Deploy is the simplicity of the pricing. These numbers were correct at the time of writing, but the exact numbers aren’t the interesting bit – it is the relative cost.

Obviously, the community edition is free and covers you up to five of everything (projects, machines, users). But unlike some other free-to-start offerings (you know who you are) there is no sudden and painful ramp up into the paid edition.

To get 20 of everything, the cost is $700. Relative to the cost of getting a contractor to do your deployments, this represents less than two days a year. I’m using a contractor for this example because this makes the comparison mere numbers. If we were to talk about specific permanent employees, we would have to start thinking not just of the cost saving, but also the value of the work that they may have done on those two days… it can get complicated! Also, I see contractors being brought in to this kind of role a lot as many teams believe they don’t have the skills to sort out their deployments. So let’s just talk about our contractor for these examples.

Here is the full table…

Relative cost of Octopus Deploy vs a Deployment Contractor
Octopus Deploy License Cost for One Year As Contractor Days
Professional (20 of everything) $700 2 days
Team (60 of everything) $2,000 5 days
Enterprise (Unlimited of everything) $5,000 12 days

That is actually not a lot of money… you’d be hard pressed to write a better deployment automation if you paid for that number of days!

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