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Send a notification when deployments fail

If you are using Octopus Deploy as part of a continuous delivery pipeline, you’ll probably find that deployments don’t fail very often. This means that when they do, people probably need to be told about it.

Here is a simple email notification step that tells you when a deployment fails, including a reasonable amount of information about the failure.

Octopus Deploy Failed Deployment Email

The key parts of this email are the subject:

FAILURE! #{Octopus.Project.Name} - #{Octopus.Release.Number}

The body:

The following release has been created but FAILED TO DEPLOY to the #{Octopus.Environment.Name} environment:

#{Octopus.Project.Name} - #{Octopus.Release.Number}

Error details:


And the Run Condition:

Failure: only run when a previous step failed

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