Steve Fenton

Special searches in Microsoft Word

When converting a wonderful print-layout book to an ebook format in Word, you need to ditch a lot of stuff that isn’t needed for ebooks. Page breaks, section breaks, and index entries all need to go.

There are usually so many adjustments to make, it isn’t much fun to do by hand. This is where Word’s special searches can help a great deal.

You can test these out using the “Find” option (CTRL + F) and then use them for real using “Find and Replace” (CTRL + H) – where you leave the replace field empty to remove these items.

So how do you find them in the first place? Step one is to show paragraph marks (CTRL + SHIFT + 8). Step two is to use the search term from the table below.

Item Special Search
Section break ^b
Index Entry ^d XE
Manual line break ^l
Manual page break ^m

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