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Trello tricks

Useful terms:

  • Board – the task board
  • List – one lane on a board
  • Card – one task in a lane
  • Label – the coloured tags you can see on a card


You can subscribe to an entire board, or to individual cards. Just use the “Subscribe” link. You’ll get notifications for anything you subscribe to until you unsubscribe.


Practically everything can be re-ordered… so when you are dragging a card, don’t drag the list – just the card.

Board Management

Put the most important thing at the top to show people it is the top item.

Prefer to pull the top-most item when selecting work. Make sure you tag yourself on the card (Click on “Members” and select yourself) when you pick up a card so other people know it has been picked up and who is working on it.

If you need to discuss a card, do it in Trello and it will notify everyone who is subscribed to the card. You can tag someone in your comment to notify them too.

If you need to know the current status for a task, check the card first to see if you can get the information you need.

If you want to change a board, chat the board owner first.


You can filter searches for card state is:open and with users @steve and labels #mytag

So @steve #mytag is:open is all my open cards with the mytag label.

If you have a frequent search, you can save it to avoid having to type it again.

You can also filter a board by label, click on Menu -> Filter Cards -> “label name”.

Card Titles

Use @ and # in card titles to add members and labels.


Click and drag a board background to scroll horizontally easily.

At any time, you should only be answerable to a single board. Otherwise we have done something wrong.


Some time after this post, Stylish changed hands and got banned by multiple browsers after it started sending data up to a server. I don’t recommend using it and I recommend uninstalling it if you have it.

I created a Trello theme in Stylish (a browser extension). Stylish lets you add your own custom CSS to a website, and is available for Firefox (and Chrome I believe). If you install Stylish, you can then add or copy the theme I created. It powers-up the board by adding the card ids, text in the labels, and removes the depressing grey colour.

If you find any other neat tricks, I’d love to hear about them.

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