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Patterns, principles, and practices of Domain Driven Design

Domain Driven DesignI have just finished reading Scott Millett’s comprehensive volume Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design, which Scott kindly arranged to send to me. This is a subject I have been talking about non-stop for the past six months with my good friend Adam Watson – and this book thoroughly covers the topics that we have been talking about.

The book contains a strong introduction to Domain-Driven Design, followed by deep dives into the theory and by concrete examples of the patterns and practices. The code examples used are concise and help to illustrate the subject.

Having read quite a lot on this subject over the years, I wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I did from this book. It certainly adds a lot of the recent developments in DDD, so it will be useful to those who are familiar with Eric Evans’ work.

At 700 pages, this is a big book – but it is divided into four parts that can each be treated as a book in its own right, and after completion it becomes an essential resource that I know I will be returning to many times.

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