Steve Fenton

Mescoservice architecture

Microservices are getting a lot of attention at the moment. For some they are the solution to the problem of monolithic software, to others they represent unnecessary complexity? Enter Mescoservices!

Mescoservice architecture speaks to experienced service-oriented programmers who understand the concept of Domain Driven Design. It is the anti-dogmatic, non-extreme, and balanced view of service oriented architectures. Mescoservices are the perfect trade-off (within the specific context within which they are used) between the complexity of microservices and the big ball-of-mud of monolithic macroservices.

I pilfered my social Psychology vocabulary for this term. Macro analysis is monolithic – it studies entire nations, or the entire planet. Mesco analysis is the study of communities, whereas micro analysis is concerned with individuals, partners, and households.

You can apply this term to your model-driven, pragmatic, balanced, and enjoyable service architecture without fear of dogmatism.

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