Steve Fenton

Just released tsUnit 1.6.0 with fakes

Users of tsUnit who want to get stuck into some TypeScript 1.3 goodness will be pleased to hear that tsUnit 1.6.0 is now available on NuGet.

As well as taking advantage of both the protected keyword and the new tuple types in TypeScript 1.3, the fake / stub / test double generation has had a major overhaul.

You can now use the FakeFactory to create a dependency if you don’t want to use a real piece of code.

Here is an example of creating a fake version of MyClass, which is like having a test double that just does default stuff (like return undefined for properties and void for functions).

var target = tsUnit.FakeFactory.getFake<MyClass>(MyClass);

And here is a version where we supply a stub for the run method, to make it just return the value we want (you can stub properties and methods in this way):

var target = tsUnit.FakeFactory.getFake<MyClass>(MyClass,
    ['run', function () { return true; }]

I would love to remove the repetition of supplying the type as a type argument and as the first argument in the method, but the type argument is erased so goes missing at runtime, so the parameter that accepts the type is needed at runtime to supply a reasonable test double.

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