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Install C++ redistributable with your WiX Installer

If you are installing something with a dependency that needs a C++ redistributable, your best bet is to make sure your installer supplies that dependency.

This is pretty simple to do as there are merge modules for the C++ redistributable (and they are likely to already be on your computer…)

You will find the merge modules in a folder such as:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Merge Modules

Follow these steps to add the C++ redistributable to your WiX installer.

1. Merge Modules

Get the merge modules and put them somewhere that WiX can reliably pick them up. In this example, we have added the merge module to a “MergeModules” folder in the source project and set it to “Copy if Newer”, which results it in being placed in the bin folder on build (bin\MergeModules\Microsoft_VC110_CRT_x86.msm).

In this case, it is the 2010 version, but there are version for older and newer version of the C++ redistributable in the Merge Modules folder mention earlier.

2. DirectoryRef Merge Element

You add the Merge element to a DirectoryRef element in your WiX project. The example below is nested as Product > DirectoryRef > Merge.

<DirectoryRef Id="TARGETDIR">
    <Merge Id="VCRedist" 

3. Feature MergeRef Element

The feature element includes the merge module in your install (and in this case hides it from any feature list you present in the installation UI – it wouldn’t be good if it were to be de-selected!) Again, the nesting is Product > Feature > MergeRef.

<Feature Id="VCRedist" 
         Title="Visual C++ 8.0 Runtime" 
    <MergeRef Id="VCRedist"/>


If you install the C++ redistributable manually, it will appear under Programs and Features (because you used an installer and can therefore uninstall it easily). This is not a good method of checking that your installer has correctly installed the C++ redistributable dependency, because it is actually a part of your installer and won’t be listed separately. You’ll notice this because your program will run fine even though it looks like C++ redistributable is not installed if you view the installed program list.

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