Steve Fenton

Firefox 3D mode

If you haven’t checked out the native Firefox Developer Tools in a while, it is time to take another look – even if you are an avid Firebug fan. The native tools are nothing short of brilliant.

The feature I’m going to highlight briefly is the 3D view. Once you get over the childish excitement of the 3D rotatable funk, you’ll notice that it does actually serve a purpose.

Firefox 3D View

If you have trouble finding this option, it is because it isn’t switched on by default – so head to the Settings page (tiny cog on the left of the developer tools header) and tick the “3D View” feature. This will cause a little wire box icon to appear near the right-hand side of the developer tools header.

When you hit the icon, the page will be rendered in 3D, where the contour-style map represents levels of nesting on your page. This will help you to spot any crazy-nested evil in your HTML.

Oh yeah – it looks cool too!

Next week… Firefox Developer Tools Responsive Design Mode!

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