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What is Cranked?

Article archived here from the Cranked Alliance website.

Welcome to Cranked – a framework with an example implementation; a sequence of stages, activities and practices that draws inspiration from many lean and agile sources.

  • Craftsmanship
  • Reduce Waste
  • Agile
  • No Estimates
  • Kanban
  • Extreme Programming
  • Drip Funding / Deploy Continuously

The Cranked framework seeks to dramatically reduce feedback loops by helping teams to quickly create product increments that test business assumptions. The framework includes many activities that are designed to ensure that the fast cycle times can be maintained or even improved over time.

The term cranked evolved from a metaphor that had fallen into use within our team that described the process of creating a product increment as “turning the crank handle one whole time to produce a new version of the product”. Crank mechanisms are used to convert circular motion to reciprocating motion or vice versa.

Crank Mechanism

Crank Mechanism

As we turn the handle on our process, it converts the circular motion of an increment into the reciprocating motion of a release (A) and the feedback and validated learning (B) that the release brings.

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