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Windows 8 revisited

Asus Transformer T100TAWhen I upgraded my main laptop to Windows 8 when the special offer was on just over a year ago, many of my friends were quite surprised. As usual with a Windows release, the general perception was that it was rubbish. I actually got along fine with it – I didn’t even miss the start menu.

When my computer exploded and went to get a new hard disk, it came back with Windows 7 on because that was what the recovery disk had. I didn’t lose any files because they were all backed up online (I recommend you do this!) Because I was busy at the time I didn’t want to sit and wait for the Windows 8 download and install again… and then I just forgot to do it… and then it was a few months down the road and it just never happened.

ut having had Windows 7, upgraded to Windows 8 and then recovered my failing hard disk back to Windows 7… what were my thoughts on one verses the other.

I didn’t really know until I picked up my new Asus Transformer, which came pre-loaded with Windows 8 and a touch screen.

Here’s the thing. Windows 7 was a great operating system. It was practically faultless. The sometimes-blank screen while access-control loaded could have been better and the grey-screen-of-patience was an occasional annoyance – but it never broke. I never had physical memory dumped on me or had a total crash. Windows 7 rocked.

But I can say exactly the same of Windows 8. It has never broken on me. With a bit of use, the initial quirks just become “how you work” and now – with a touch-screen – it rocks. The Windows 8 start screen with its horizontal scrolling was made for this experience. I can see why some people didn’t think it was worth it when they loaded it onto a laptop without a touch screen (or maybe even a big laptop with a touch screen – because the screen would be too far away). This Asus Transformer, though, which breaks in half to become a tablet or clips to a “proper” keyboard to be a small notebook with plenty of power, is what it is all about.

So having flipped back and forward for a year I can say that I like Windows 7 and I like Windows 8 – but for tablets and small touch screen laptops, I’d pick Windows 8 without a doubt.

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