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TypeScript no-implicit-any compiler flag

You didn’t know the “no implicit any” flag existed in TypeScript 0.8, so you won’t have noticed its disappearance from TypeScript 0.9 – but you might love it when it comes back in TypeScript 0.9.1…

The “no implicit any” flag supplies an error whenever the compiler cannot infer a better type for an expression than the dynamic “any” type.

“This was temporarily removed in 0.9 as part of the refactoring work. We expect to add it back in 0.9.1.” – Jon Turner via the now discontinued Codeplex site

So if you want to have really tight type information in your program, this is a great way to spot where you could add type annotations. Look out for its official (re-)addition soon.

Here is a quick example of a bit of code you’ll be warned about:

var myClass;

And you could fix it either by explicitly setting the type of any…

var myClass: any;

Or even better, by giving it a type if one is appropriate…

var myClass: MyClass;

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