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Why you still have an unused Pluralsight free trial card

Firstly, I put my hands up and tell you that I am guilty as charged on all counts – but I think my experience with Pluralsight free trial cards will help others who are suffering as I am right now!

So you went to a big event, such as Developer South Coast and you’ve won an awesome 1 month free subscription to Pluralsight (or as I sometimes affectionately call it, the sights, home of hardcore developer training. Life is good.

Months later, though, the card is still in your wallet. What is stopping you from using it? Is it because the website doesn’t have the video you want… No!

This is the reason there are so many unused Pluralsight trials walking around in our handbags and back-pockets right now. When you type in the redemption code, you get a month of watching awesome videos by the likes of John Papa, Julie Lerman, Scott Allen, Steve Smith and loads of other awesome authors. When you type in that code, you want it to be at the start of an “ideal month”.

An “ideal month” is one where you can essentially sit in your pyjamas full time in front of your computer watching videos. So every month you have a think about how much time you have to get the most out of your free trial and you come up with a list of things that are keeping you busy and that might prevent you maximising on the opportunity. You will never have an “ideal month”.

So here is my solution. It is really easy and requires very little practice to master. Step one; you take a permanent marker pen, cross out the words “Monthly Subscription” on the front of the card and write “1 Free Video”. Step two; you have to believe in your trick.

Pluralsight Card

Limited Edition “1 Free Video” Pluralsight free trial Card!

If you frame the offer as a free video, you’ll actually type in that code and watch something. You will almost certainly find the time to watch some other videos for free too, which is a bonus – but the important thing is that you got around to actually using the card. Not using the card at all is much, much worse than using for one video – and if you are comparing return on investment, the number of videos you watch for free makes little difference to the graph of cost-per-video!

So get out that old Pluralsight card you have and use the marker-pen technique to break your inertia! Happy learning.

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