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The pie chart so bad I had to censor It

You will probably be well aware by now that I think that pie charts are the worst way to display your data. As well as that article, I have occasionally found the need to talk about how much I dislike pie charts – and this is just such an occasion.

Today, I have an example of a bad pie chart. This is typical of the kind of chart you will get generated by a tool. This chart is so bad, I have had to protect the identity of the data. It isn’t the fault of the data that it has been presented in this way – but I could tell that the chart was so bad it might affect peoples opinion of the subject itself.

Note in particular the great placement of the values for the smaller chunks, but also the colour-coded labels, which use a purple colour that even a computer would struggle to differentiate for the second and fifth group.

Censored Pie Chart

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