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The latest shameful pie chart

The latest in what is threatening to become a series of insidious examples of pie charts in a real special pie chart. This one was spotted by Mr R Lambert of Winchester.

Even if you were a fan of pie charts you would have to admit that there are massive problems here. For starters, those labels really aren’t helping when they cover each other over, which indicates another problem – far too many data series for one pie chart. On top of this, you’ll have to be a real expert to match the many shades of the same colour to the associated category on the right of the chart. As if this wasn’t enough, they aren’t even ordered highest to lowest to give us a chance of working things out. The final problem I am going to mention is that if you look really closely you’ll spot that one of the values is 0.00%, yet it is actually a larger slice than values that are greater than zero.

Go figure! Let’s start the calls for sensible charts, like line charts, columns charts and bar charts. The pie nonsense needs to end!

Insidious Pie Chart

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