Steve Fenton

NDepend for Beginners

NDepend is a code-quality tool that integrates with Visual Studio (2008 and 2010… and probably older versions too if you happen work in a museum).

Within about 10 minutes of installing NDepend, I had already created a really handy component diagram that pointed out that one of my name-spaces was wrong. I haven’t even properly sat down to look at the features of NDepend yet, I was just casually splurting out a diagram in order to save myself explaining how an application fits together.

The dodgy namespace was caused by the project settings not being quite right, but I wouldn’t have spotted it except for the glaring error staring at me from the interactive dependency diagram.

I will be posting more information on NDepend soon, but I thought it deserved a mention for improving my code in under ten minutes. Thank you NDepend!

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