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Steve Fenton and Stephen Fenton Roll Call

This is just a brief article to give a who’s who of people named Steve or Stephen Fenton the world over and gives you an idea of where to find some other sources of Steve Fenton genius. If you are another Steve or Stephen Fenton who would like a shout on this page, just get in touch with your details.

Steve Fenton  – Programmer, Author

This one is me and I am probably at the wrong end of this list!

Professor Steve Fenton BA (Hull), MA (McMaster), PhD (Duke)

Steve Fenton writes and researches on national identity, ethnicity: on comparative ethnicities, theories of ethnicity, the ethnic majority, British national identity. He has also researched in the following areas: ethnic differences in the experience of mental health and illness; higher education and ethnic inequalities; young adults and labour markets. I have recently purchased my first Professor Fenton book and will enjoy learning from a namesake.

Steve Fenton – Author of Broken Treaty

Steve Fenton’s accidental writing career and subsequent book, BROKEN TREATY, began to take shape when U.S. News and World Report got wind of the story of the rescue of his son from his estranged wife in Mexico following an unfortunate disintegration of the marriage. (His son is also named Steve Fenton).

Steve Fenton – Freelance Producer and Engineer

Steve Fenton is a senior lecturer in Music Technology and is also a freelance producer and engineer (and may soon be a Doctor). Steve has also contributed to some fascinating research into music, which has been published. That’s two musical versions of Steve Fenton – will we find a second professor of ethnicity?

Stephen Fenton  -Rugby Player

Stephen Fenton was a Rugby League player in the 1970s and 1980s. He played for Castleford and for England.

Steve Fenton – TV Personality

Steve Fenton was married to Gail O’Grady and worked on The Gail O’Grady Project.

Steve Fenton – Fictitious, Toronto Road Safety Adverts

Steve Fenton’s School Of Bad Driving appeared in a road safety campaign created by Toronto local authority. The Steve Fenton featured in these adverts was a made-up character and does not represent the driving ability of the real Steve Fenton(s).

Fenton The Dog – Dog, Deer Stalker

The star of a viral video shot in Richmond Park, Fenton The Dog has been the cause of many people contacting me, bizarrely – but also got the Fenton name mentioned on television shows such as Mock The Week and Have I Got News For You as well as featuring in one of Charlie Brooker’s rants.

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