Steve Fenton

Apple iPad Unveiled

The new Apple iPad has been revealed in a big ceremony with an impressive demo from Apple’s CEO. Despite Fujitsu possibly still owning the trademark “i-pad” for hand-held computing, it is an impressive bit of kit.


The iPad is a roughly A4 sized touch-screen with web, game and book functionality (amongst lots of other things). Imagine a piece of thick A4 paper made of aluminium with a massive screen on one side and that’s exactly what’s on offer.

Having seen the awesome demo of the iPad, I suddenly had a brilliant idea. The main weakness is that valuable but exposed screen. If they made it “book-like” so you could close a cover over the screen, that would protect it from bumps and scratches. You could then put a thin keyboard on that cover, so that when it is opened up, the cover would be usable as a keyboard for writing emails and documents. I think I must be some kind of genius.

Here’s a mock-up of what the iPad might look like with this modification.

iPad - Keyboard Edition

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