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TransactionScope and WCF Services

The problem I encountered was that, while I had started a TransactionScope in my calling method (and could even see a current transaction in my services) – an error in a second WCF service call was NOT rolling back the changes made in a previous WCF service call. The behaviour was as if each service had its own transaction, rather than joining the existing ambient transaction that I started in my client.


  • I press a button on an .aspx web page
  • I start a TransactionScope: using (TransactionScope scope = new TransactionScope()) {
  • I call a service to update something on a database – this also contains a using statement for the transaction scope
  • I call another service to update a different item somewhere else – this also contains a using statement for the transaction scope
  • The second service errors for some reason


  • The changes from both services are rolled back


  • The first service call succeeds and the second service call rolls back


In order to create an ambient transaction in your client and ensure that it is used by your WCF services, you need to make sure you’ve done the following…

Configure Your Binding

In your WCF service, you will need to make sure that your binding has transactionFlow set to true. To do this, create a binding configuration and refer to it on your endpoint:

        <binding name="wsHttpTransactional" transactionFlow="true" />
<endpoint address ="" 

Attribute Up Your Interface

You now need to add TransactionFlow attributes to your interface – so if it looks like this:

bool UpdateSomethingElse(string whatever);

You need to add this:

bool UpdateSomethingElse(string whatever);

Attribute Up Your Method

You can then add an OperationBehavior to your method to tell it to enlist in the transactionScope, so you find this:

public bool UpdateSomethingElse(string whatever) {

And you add an attribute like this:

[OperationBehavior(TransactionScopeRequired = true)]
public bool UpdateSomethingElse(string whatever) {

Connection Strings

It is well mooted that you should adjust your connection strings to ensure safety in the event of a time out – all you have to do is add the following attribute to your connection:

Transaction Binding=Explicit Unbind;


Hopefully this article will help a few people who are getting unexpected results from their use of TransactionScope – please contact me if you want to add anything!

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