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Steve Fenton is an Octonaut at Octopus Deploy and five-time Microsoft MVP for developer technologies. He’s a Software Punk and writer. You can find out more about Steve Fenton here.

A Note From Steve

The primary audience for the writing found herein is me. It’s super-easy to forget stuff if you don’t write it down, as I did the second time I had to fix a really tricky certificate problem in .NET.

If only I had written down the answer, I could have saved hours of irritating replays of all the same steps I had used to find the problem in the first instance.

My goal in life is to start a punk revolution in software development. I am also secretly S. M. Fenton the author of The Vanishing Room.

Recent Thoughts

You can review my full archive of thoughts, but the most recent entries are listed below.

Look who is ordering you back to the office Posted in: Opinion - This week, Malcolm Gladwell joined the ranks of people yelling at workers to get back to work. Like many of the people arguing for a return to office work, they tell us they don’t believe it’s possible to do good work unless you are under management observation. It’s not in your best interest to work […]
The Fundamental DevOps Principles Posted in: Process - Over the course of the past couple of months, I have been writing a great deal about DevOps and Continuous Delivery. This isn’t my first rodeo, as they say, as I’ve worked on teams that have been using Continuous Delivery (and before that, Lean, Agile, and adaptive techniques such as Extreme Programming). I’ll post links […]
Advanced Ruby gsub with regular expressions Posted in: Programming - This post is really about the Ruby language gsub string method. It does contain a tiny bit of Jekyll hooks, but they are important to me and perhaps not to you. If you just want to know how to extract a match in gsub and use it in the output, scroll down to the bottom […]
Adding a sitemap to Jekyll Posted in: Programming - You don’t really need a plugin to add a sitemap to your Jekyll site. You can use this basic template and extend as required. To give you control over whether a page appears in the sitemap, I’ve used an additional header in the front-yaml on each page. You can see below the additional date and […]
Partially cleaned hotel rooms Posted in: Process - I walked up and down quite a long hotel corridor a few times today and observed an interesting process for cleaning. Without going into details, the result of all the effort was a line of partially cleaned rooms. If you have partially cleaned twenty rooms, the number of clean rooms is zero. It’s the same […]
Running Jekyll on Windows Posted in: Programming - There are three parts to this quick start on running Jekyll on Windows. This assumes you pulled an existing Jekyll repo and want to run it locally. If you want to create something new, there’s a command for that, which you can run at the end of the install process before you serve the site […]
CMA Browsers and Cloud Gaming Response Posted in: Browsers - The Web is an amazing open platform, but a few times in the history of The Web we have faced challenges keeping it in great shape. When Microsoft had a browser monopoly with Internet Explorer, they were required not only to allow competing browsers but to actively prompt users to select from competitor browsers. We […]
Run a Bash Script with Arguments in GitHub Actions Posted in: Programming - This is just a quick not on how to run a bash script with parameters in GitHub actions, and how to use the passed argument in the script. GitHub Action Here’s the jobs section of the GitHub action, but the last line is the interesting bit as this calls the script. The argument is simply […]
Defer YouTube Videos Posted in: Programming - This is just a quick note on an adaptation of a great idea from Go Make Things (a site FILLED with great stuff, by the way). This defers loading all the YouTube stuff (the iframe and all it’s assets) until the user clicks to play it – basically avoiding loading the assets unless the user […]
Upload all files in a folder to FTP Posted in: Programming - This is the second old-school post this week. Hey, I’m clearing the decks of some odd stuff that I had to do. Today, it’s uploading all files in a folder (but not sub-folders) to FTP, if they have been updated in the past 24 hours. There’s not much to explain here. It’s a simple System.Net.WebClient […]