Constant Footer Summary

The jQuery Contant Footer is a plugin that glues a footer to the bottom of the browser window.

It also has an option to display articles from an RSS feed located on the same website (or loaded via a proxy on the same website).


Used to apply class names to the elements created by the plugin. You only need to specify a class modifier if you have a name-clash.
The full web address of an RSS feed, which must be on the same domain (otherwise you'll hit cross-site-scripting issues).
The text to be displayed on the feed links, for example "Read More"
Set this to a value less than "1" to make the footer semi-transparent, for example "0.8".
Set to "true" to show a button that closes the footer.
Any HTML string to show on the close button, for example "close", "[x]" or '<img src="close.png" alt="Close">'.