Gestures Summary

The jQuery Gestures project is a plugin that brings simple guesture support to the mouse.

In this demo, drag within the gray zone to create a gesture. You can use eight compass points, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.

The gesture must start and end within the "gesture" element - but you can apply this to the entire document as well as individual elements.

This version also supports composite gestures, which combine several compass directions to create a shape. This gives gestures many more variations than the eight compass points.

On the box below, try drawing a box shape, or just a simple line to see the plugin in action.


Please read the gestures documentation for instructions on how to use the plugin.


Used to apply class names to the elements created by the plugin. You only need to specify a class modifier if you have a name-clash.
The amount of movement to ignore (default 25)
The event to start the gesture tracking (default "mousedown")
The event to end the gesture tracking (default "mouseup")
Whether to track advanced shapes (default false)
The interval for advanced shape tracking (default 200)
Whether to show a trail while tracking (default false)
The interval for trail tracking (default 50)
Time limit for each event (default 5000)
A function to execute when an event fires, accepting argument of eventName (called on each event within an advanced shape)
A function to execute when an advanced event fires, accepting argument of directions (array)