Jquery Three Dee

My jQuery plugins were created either as experiments or to fulfil some need that I had on a project. I made the plugins available for free on this website - and you can still get them all here now.

I no longer actively support the jQuery plugins for the following reasons...

  • Many of the features can now be achieved without JavaScript using new features of HTML and CSS
  • Some of the features probably shouldn't even have been used, they were just experiments!
  • Not everyone wants to use jQuery - I will create stand alone plugins for the popular stuff that don't enforce any particular framework

Jquery Three DeeQuick Links

You can view a demo and grab the code (view source) at...

Three Dee (3D) Demonstration.


The jQuery Three Dee project is a plugin for the jQuery JavaScript Framework, which converts text into 3D text that can be viewed with simple red/blue 3D glasses. The plugin uses CSS3, with a fall-back for older browsers to create the 3D effect.

Note: This plugin performs a fallback to make the 3D effect work in older browsers. If you aren't supporting older browsers, you can just nick the CSS ideas from inside the script to pop in your CSS and have it all working without any JavaScript.


$(".near").threedee({ depth: "near"});

With all options set:

    classModifier: "3d",
    depth: "middle",
    style: "none",
    applyTo: "text",
    opacity: "1",
    changeTextSize: false

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