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Friday, 13th August 2010

I was very pleased to have been able to attend "Guathon", a one-day event presented by Scott Guthrie and Mike Ormond in association with Developer Developer Developer. The presentation uncovered lots and lots of really useful information, from Visual Studio tips and tricks, to MVC 3, to Windows Mobile 7 Development.

I will be chopping my 15 pages of notes into smaller articles and I'll post them on this blog as soon as I can, which I hope will help those who couldn't attend and the lovely chap I sat next to who didn't have a pen and paper to hand.

I'd also like to shout out to Paul and Adam, who mostly sat in the row just in front of me, except for during one section when a rather stubborn lady decided she would steal one of their seats! They took the whole "seat-gate" scandal in good humour and I have enjoyed recounting the story several times to friends and colleagues.

Interestingly, this seat-stealing scandal provided a convenient opening line, as it's difficult to start a conversation at a developer conference with a normal ice-breaker. It would seem rather odd to roll up and start a new friendship with the classic "what do you do for a living" line.

Check back soon if you fancy stealing my notes.

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